Louis Schetzer

Dr Louis Schetzer

Policy and Advocacy Manager

Louis Schetzer has been with the ALA since May 2018 and manages the ALA’s policy and advocacy activities.

Louis has worked in community legal centres, legal aid commissions and Aboriginal legal services in Victoria, New South Wales and the Northern Territory since 1989. From 1999-2002 he was Director of the National Children’s and Youth Law Centre, and from 2002-2004 he was manager of the Access to Justice and Legal Needs Research Program with the Law and Justice Foundation of NSW. From 2004-2008 he worked as a senior policy officer within the Victorian Department of Justice, managing several projects including the drafting and implementation of the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities, the Victorian Civil Justice Review and the Gateways to Justice project, which sought to improve access to justice for disadvantaged Victorians.

For nine years he was the senior policy officer for homelessness and human rights at the Public Interest Advocacy Centre. In 2017 he completed his PhD in law at the University of NSW. The focus of his doctorate research was the application of legislative human rights charters to non-state actors contracted to provide public services on behalf of the state. He has authored several publications, chapters and policy papers on human rights, homelessness and consumer participation.