Access to justice at risk from FCC price hike

27th Nov 2020

The fourfold increase in the Federal Circuit Court fees, announced by the government last week, will make it increasingly difficult for migrants, including asylum seekers, to have fair access to Australia’s justice system.

“We are very concerned that this exorbitant price hike will mean that many migrants are denied their right to a fair appeal process simply because they can’t afford it,” said Mr Graham Droppert SC, National President, Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA).  

“Access to justice should never be limited to those who have the means to pay.

“Many migrants already face unacceptable delays and challenges when attempting to obtain the right to live in Australia, and this price increase is one more barrier preventing them from accessing justice.

“People seeking asylum and people on temporary visas often don’t have the right to work in Australia during the appeal process so many of them will need to apply to have these fees waived causing more delays and complications.

“It is concerning to see further erosion of the rights of asylum seekers and refugees to access tribunals and courts.  It is important that all individuals should have access to independent review and the redress of the courts.

“We join with the Law Council of Australia in calling for the government to reverse this fee increase.”

Tags: Migration law Asylum seekers and refugees Federal Court