ALA concerned Assange's lawyer on 'no fly' list

19th Apr 2012

Australian Lawyers Alliance National President, Greg Barns, has expressed grave concern at the placing of lawyer Jennifer Robinson on a ‘no fly list.’

“The ALA is extremely concerned that simply because a lawyer is representing a client that government does not like, the lawyer is then subjected to security scrutiny,” Mr Barns said.

“The UK and Australian governments must come clean as to why Ms Robinson was subjected to this treatment at Heathrow airport today and why she is on any sort of security list,” he said.

“Lawyers must be able to act for their clients without fearing that they will be harassed by government agencies, either in their own country or overseas.

"An independent legal profession is a hallmark of a democratic society and the UK and Australian governments’ actions towards lawyers, such as Ms Robinson, undermines that.”

Tags: Human rights Discrimination