ALA in WA opposes ‘claims harvesting’

8th Aug 2018

Unsolicited direct approaches by claims harvesters to accident victims is strongly opposed by the peak industry body for plaintiff lawyers in WA, the Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA).

“This practice is known as ‘claims harvesting or farming’ and this activity should be clearly and robustly discouraged,” said ALA WA President, Graham Droppert.

“It is important to react to indications of claims harvesting in WA, but not overreact because a blanket targeting of those who have made claims runs the risk of excluding people with genuine claims.

“Claims harvesting can result in encouraging claims without merit which risks jeopardising the claims of those deserving compensation and support. 

“The ALA in WA will raise the issue with the WA Attorney-General Mr Quigley to achieve a balanced response which acts to discourage claims harvesting whilst preserving the rights of those injured on our roads and in the workplace.

“Claims harvesting appears to be on the increase but the vast majority of plaintiff lawyers do not benefit from this practice.

“In fact, legal organisations have been at the forefront of trying to rule out this practice. We will continue to work with other industry groups to put a stop to this activity.”

The ALA is a national association of lawyers, academics, and other professionals dedicated to protecting and promoting justice, freedom and the rights of the individual.