Andrew Stone SC: ALA Member of the Year

23rd Oct 2017

Barrister Andrew Stone SC has been named the inaugural ALA Member of the Year for his years of standing up for the rights of motor accident victims, the Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA) said today.

ALA National President Laura Neil said Mr Stone was an example of how someone could make a real difference to the lives of vulnerable people who needed justice and peace of mind.

“Andrew has been a long time campaigner for the rights of the individual, the preservation of the rule of law, and protecting individuals against the more oppressive actions of governments,” Mrs Neil said.

“He has been influential for many years in not only the Australian Lawyers Alliance but also the NSW Bar Association, the NSW Law Association Common Law Committee and on the Law Council Personal Injuries Committee.

“As ALA National President Andrew played a leading role in a number of major ALA campaigns, including on refugee rights, no-fault benefits for motor accident victims and anti-terror legislation.  He continues with this work today,” Mrs Neil said.

Mrs Neil said Mr Stone’s work on the NSW Government’s Motor Accident Injuries Bill 2017 saw many fundamental benefits retained as part of the new CTP regime.

“Andrew has made an enormous contribution by standing up for the rights of accident victims over many years,” Mrs Neil said.  

“In particular, in his work advocating for injured motorists in the New South Wales CTP reform process, Andrew has robustly defended the preservation of a fair and balanced compulsory third party insurance scheme.”

“He also championed the preservation of benefits and access to legal representation in the scheme,” Mrs Neil said.  

“Andrew regularly contributes to public commentary and debate in the media, conducting regular interviews. He has also been the voice of a number of high profile campaigns, and considers political advocacy and a contribution to the law reform process to be an integral part of his personal injury practice,” Mrs Neil said.

“And as if that isn’t enough, Andrew thinks nothing of jumping on a plane at short notice to give evidence at parliamentary inquiries in other jurisdictions, recently assisting in the QLD CTP review, and currently in the ACT Citizen’s jury process.”

“Andrew is a wonderful example of how one person can make a real difference,” Mrs Neil said.  

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