Federal budget offers little good news for delivery of justice

3rd Apr 2019

The Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA) says the federal budget delivered last night provides little good news for the delivery of justice in Australia.

“The predicted budget surplus has resulted from an under-spend on the NDIS and we know that this is not from lack of demand, but is due to the problems many of our clients with disabilities are experiencing in accessing the Scheme,” said Ms Noor Blumer, National President, ALA.

“The under-spend reflects the systemic problems with the Scheme. Too many of our clients with disabilities are not receiving the supports and plans they need, and the review process is proving to be inadequate.

“We are also very disappointed that the budget has failed to provide adequate funding for legal aid and community legal centres. Disadvantaged people in the community need to be able to access timely, essential legal advice and information to help resolve their legal problems and, without the funding this sector needs, too many people will be unable to exercise their rights under the law.

The ALA does not support the sex offender register promised in the budget.

“The register provides the opportunity for citizens to use the data to carry out vigilante justice and increase community violence. There is no evidence that such registers have any impact on offending rates,” said Ms Blumer.

“It is unlikely to deter criminal behaviour but will affect a person’s ability to rehabilitate.”