Lack of respect for High Court ruling concerns ALA

14th Feb 2020

The outcry from some commentators following the High Court’s ruling this week that Aboriginal Australians cannot be considered ‘aliens’ in Australia reveals a concerning lack of respect for the High Court, says the Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA).

“The inflammatory language that has been used by several commentators in the last few days casts aspersions on the integrity, experience and qualifications of the four judges who comprised the majority,” said Andrew Christopoulos, National President, ALA.

“There have been several unfair and inappropriate attacks on the judges who, because of their positions, are not able to publicly defend themselves.

“Statements that indicate the ruling was ‘bizarre’ or ‘lunacy’ imply that the judge’s decisions were made irresponsibly or without proper care. This is an atrocious suggestion.

“The language and tone of some editorial pieces seem designed to create fear and concern in the community and is not well founded on the facts of the case. The High Court decision is not, in fact, a radical decision. It was carefully considered and is well founded in common law.

“The emotive language used by some commentators when discussing the ruling is highly unusual and disrespectful to the Court.”