Lawyers call for NSW strip search inquiry to be continued

6th Feb 2020

The Law Enforcement Conduct Commission’s (LECC) decision to cut short its inquiry into potentially illegal strip searches conducted by NSW police is very concerning, says the Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA).

“The evidence heard by this inquiry to date requires thorough, ongoing investigation to determine whether police have conducted illegal strip searches of minors,” said Mr Andrew Stone SC, NSW State President, Australian Lawyers Alliance. “This issue goes to the very heart of public confidence in the police and must be fully examined.”

“We ask that Mr Blanch QC explains why this inquiry was terminated and reconsiders this decision. If the LECC does not continue this inquiry, it is essential that a parliamentary committee be given responsibility to do so.

“The public hearings held last year revealed disturbing evidence of police misusing strip search powers on minors and indicated that there is confusion among police in relation to the laws governing strip searches. 

“This issue must be examined further and action taken to ensure that NSW police are behaving appropriately.”

Tags: NSW police misconduct