Lawyers support NSW Pro-Choice Alliance

9th May 2019

Abortion should be regulated like any other health procedure says the Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA), joining the NSW Pro-Choice Alliance’s call to remove abortion from the NSW Crimes Act.

“Removing abortion from the Crimes Act recognises the dangerous consequences of its criminalisation – for women and medical practitioners,” said Mr Andrew Stone SC, NSW President, ALA.  “Evidence suggests that criminalising abortion does not decrease abortion rates but merely increases unsafe procedures.”

NSW is the only state and territory in Australia that has not updated its laws relating to pregnancy termination.

“Denying women access to pregnancy termination services infringes on their rights in many different ways,” said Mr Stone SC. “The current laws are out-of-date and inconsistent with international human rights standards, which recognise the right to reproductive choice, access to safe healthcare and equality for women before the law.”

The ALA is joining organisations like Domestic Violence NSW, the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and Family Planning NSW as part of the NSW Pro-Choice Alliance to campaign for the repeal of sections 82-84 of the NSW Crimes Act 1900. 

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