Media coverage, April 2017

1st Apr 2017

Just some of the media coverage generated by the Australian Lawyers Alliance or its members during the month of April 2017.

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Courier Mail, 'Allianz argues no evidence to back move to charge riskier drivers more in CTP', 30 April 2017 

Sunday Times, 'Mr Bigs effort more like toadbusters', 30 April 2017 

Channel 10 Perth, 'The powers of WA's Corruption and Crime Commissioner are set to be expanded to target unexplained wealth', 27 April 2017 

Also broadcast on West Digital Television (Albany), WIN Western Australia (Perth)

Channel 9 Perth, 'Lawyers are calling for a review of a law that requires foreign citizens who serve more than a year in prison to be deported', 27 April 2017 

Also broadcast on West Digital Television (Albany)

Channel 9 Perth, 'Khalid al-Ali, an immigration centre detainee is on the run in Perth after escaping security officers this morning', 27 April 2017 

Also broadcast on West Digital Television (Albany)

Huffington Post, 'Injured Manus Asylum Seeker To Be Deported Despite Medical Concerns', 26 April 2017 

Lawyers Weekly, 'ALA welcomes ‘damning’ report on Nauru and Manus Island', 26 April 2017 

Radio NZ, 'Australia labelled 'rogue state' for Manus deportations ', 25 April 2017 

Hobart Mercury, 'Australia led into the dark by intolerant power-obsessed fools', 24 April 2017 

Perth Now, 'When being free comes at a cost', 18 April 2017 

Hobart Mercury, 'Getting tougher on police pursuits will predictably backfire', 17 April 2017 

West Australian, 'When being free comes at a cost', 16 April 2017 

Southern Cross GTS, 'Officers have been accused of using brutal force in apprehending a boy over a petty crime', 14 April 2017 

Channel 7 Adelaide, 'A Seven news camera man has captured the arrest of a teenager', 14 April 2017

Channel 9 Perth, 'Gene Gibson has experienced his first night of freedom as lawyers and campaigners shine the light on other innocent people they believe are languishing in jail.', 13 April 2017

Money Management, 'Government accused of failure on vertical integration', 13 April 2017

Newcastle Herald, 'Mandatory jail 'will make Victoria safe'', 12 April 2017

Also published in Daily Advertiser, Warrnambool Standard, Ballarat Courier, Border Mail, Bendigo Advertiser

Gold FM 104.3, 'The State Opposition is yet to explain how it will pay for an election promise of mandatory sentencing for repeat violent offenders', 11 April 2017

GWN 7, 'Guy's plan to'Make Victoria safe again'', 11 April 2017

Channel 9 Sydney, 'Matthew Guy, Victorian Opposition Leader, wants mandated minimum sentences for repeat offenders convicted of violent crime', 11 April 2017

Also broadcast on Channel 9 (Adelaide), Channel 9 (Brisbane), Channel 9 (Melbourne), Channel 9 (Perth), Channel 9 Darwin (Darwin), NBN Central Coast (Gosford), NBN Coffs Harbour (Coffs Harbour), NBN Gold Coast (Gold Coast), NBN Lismore (Lismore), NBN Moree (Upper Namoi), NBN Newcastle Hunter (Newcastle), NBN Tamworth (Tamworth), NBN Taree (Taree), Southern Cross ACT (Canberra), Southern Cross Albury (Albury), Southern Cross Bundaberg (Bundaberg), Southern Cross Cairns (Cairns), Southern Cross Mackay (Mackay), Southern Cross Rockhampton (Rockhampton), Southern Cross Shepparton (Shepparton), Southern Cross Toowoomba (Toowoomba), Southern Cross Townsville (Townsville), Southern Cross Victoria Ballarat (Ballarat), Southern Cross Victoria Bendigo (Bendigo), Southern Cross Victoria Gippsland (Bairnsdale), Southern Cross Victoria Swan Hill (Swan Hill), Southern Cross Victoria Warrnambool (Warrnambool), Southern Cross Wagga Wagga (Wagga Wagga), Southern Cross Wollongong (Wollongong), Tasmania Digital Television (Hobart), West Digital Television (Albany)

Yahoo News Australia, 'Do mandatory minimum sentences work?', 11 April 2017

3AW, 'The opposition is declaring law and order the key election issue.', 11 April 2017

Also broadcast on 2AY (Albury), 3BA FM (Ballarat), 3CS (Colac), 3NE (Wangaratta), 3SH (Swan Hill), 3WM (Horsham), 3YB (Warrnambool), Coast FM (Warrnambool), Magic 1278 (Melbourne), Mixx FM Hamilton (Hamilton), Mixx FM Horsham (Horsham), SEN (Melbourne)

SBS World News Australia, 'Make Victoria Safe Again': Vic opposition', 11 April 2017

Also published on Yahoo! Prime7, Yahoo News Australia

3AW, 'Barns discusses the Victorian Opposition's proposed law and order policy.', 11 April 2017

Also broadcast on 2AY (Albury), 3CS (Colac)

Hobart Mercury, 'Brakes put on young hoons with new laws to crack down on motorists evading police', 11 April 2017

The New Daily, 'ISWG panel: insurance claims in super need speeding up', 10 April 2017

West Australian, 'Lawyers paint bleak picture of insurance advice', 10 April 2017

Wimmera Mail Times, ''Brotherly'bond or child abuse plot? Case challenges new grooming law', 9 April 2017

Sunday Age, 'How close is too close?', 9 April 2017

Super Review, 'Enforceable code needed for insurance in super', 6 April 2017

Courier Mail, 'The State Government's new anti-fortification laws include jail time as a sentencing option', 5 April 2017

Money Management, 'Govt accused of failure on vertical integration', 5 April 2017

2CC, 'There is another consequence of Labor Government on the run.', 4 April 2017

The Australian, ''Tighten NDIS entry or watch it fail'', 4 April 2017

The Australian, 'Time to make the NDIS workable and affordable', 4 April 2017

Hobart Mercury, 'Playing political games will scare off genuine timber investors', 3 April 2017

Sunday Times, 'Road penalties must allow judgment', 2 April 2017

Sunday Mail Adelaide, 'Investigation into Hindley St body slam cop', 2 April 2017