Media coverage, July 2017

1st Jul 2017

Just some of the media coverage generated by the Australian Lawyers Alliance or its members during the month of July, 2017.

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Hobart Mercury, 'Losing sight of our better nature', 31 July 2017 

Canberra Times, 'Fresh and compelling evidence appeal laws could soon be a reality in WA', 28 July 2017 

Lawyers Weekly Australia, 'Dutton’s mega-ministry needs matching human rights protections: ALA', 25 July 2017 

Crikey, 'Dutton takes a casual 43 minutes to destroy two men's lives', 25 July 2017 

Triple J (Sydney), 'Interview with Tom Percy, a criminal lawyer who grew up in Kalgoorlie, about Elijah Doughty trial', 24 July 2017 

Also broadcast on Triple J (Adelaide), Triple J (Brisbane), Triple J (Canberra), Triple J (Darwin), Triple J (Hobart), Triple J (Melbourne), Triple J (Perth)

Hobart Mercury, 'Wrong man for the wrong job', 24 July 2017

ABC (Sydney), 'The state government has been looking into making it easier for victims of child sexual abuse to sue the responsible institution', (Michelle James interview) 23 July 2017

Also broadcast on ABC (Regional NSW), ABC Canberra

Sunday Times, 'Harsh drug laws fail to deter users', 23 July 2017

Crikey, 'Drug-tested welfare recipients will be forced to disclose private health details to a third party', 21 July 2017

World News Australia, 'Fears intelligence changes could discriminate against ethnic or religious groups', 20 July 2017

World News Australia, 'Lawyers warn proposal to spy on classes of Australians, not individuals, 'will be abused'',19 July 2017

The New Daily, '‘Dangerous’ law changes prompt concerns over military abuse of power',17 July 2017

ABC News (Sydney), 'Interview with Greg Barns, Legal Advocate on the expectation Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister will announce a Home Office-style portfolio to combine ASIO, the AFP and ABF',17 July 2017

Also broadcast on ABC News (Adelaide), ABC News (Brisbane), ABC News (Canberra), ABC News (Hobart), ABC News (Melbourne), ABC News (Perth), ABC News (Regional NSW), ABC News (Regional Queensland), ABC News (Regional Victoria), ABC News (Regional West Australia)

Guardian Australia, 'Giving the defence force powers to fight domestic terrorism sets a dangerous precedent',17 July 2017

Hobart Mercury, 'Labor has to get in touch with its soul if it wants a shot at power',17 July 2017

Burnie Advocate, 'Indefinite detention study',13 July 2017

WIN (Hobart), 'Tasmania's dangerous criminals laws are once again in the spotlight with new report revealing flaws leading to the laws being underutilised', (Greg Barns interview),12 July 2017

ABC News, 'Dump 'cruel' indefinite detention for dangerous criminals, Tasmanian law reform group says', 12 July 2017

ABC Radio Hobart, 'A Tasmanian Barrister says a review of the state's dangerous criminals legislation is overdue', (Greg Barns interview), 12 July 2017

Also broadcast on Radio National (Hobart)

ABC Radio Adelaide, 'Regular Segment: Crime Wednesday with Tony Kerin', 12 July 2017

Hobart Mercury, 'Freezing out unions is a bad move', 11 July 2017

ABC  News (Melbourne), 'Cardinal George Pell's upcoming trial', (Greg Barns interview), 11 July 2017

Also broadcast on ABC News (Adelaide), ABC News (Brisbane), ABC News (Canberra), ABC News (Gold Coast), ABC News (Newcastle), ABC News (Perth), ABC News (Sydney)

Port Stephens Examiner, 'Church employed paedophile, then fought his victims', 11 July 2017

Newcastle Herald, 'Maitland-Newcastle Catholic diocese exposed after 'fiercely resisting" a child sex victim in court', 11 July 2017

Daily Mail Australia, 'Australia's most powerful Catholic has landed in Sydney amid calls for him to be the subject of a judge-only trial', 11 July 2017

Ballarat Courier, 'Judge-only trial call', 11 July 2017

Sydney Morning Herald, 'Push for judge-only trial as Pell flies in for court', 11 July 2017

The Age, 'Cardinal's case prompts calls for judge-only trials', 11 July 2017

Ballarat Courier, 'Would judge-only trials give George Pell a better chance for a fair go? News Business', 10 July 2017

Sunday Times, 'Can George Pell get a fair trial?', 9 July 2017

Hobart Mercury, 'Quadriplegic inmate in hospital', 7 July 2017

Hobart Mercury, 'Quadriplegic jail fears', 5 July 2017

WIN (Hobart), 'Family and friends of a quadriplegic man fear for his safety after he was sent to jail for at least six months over an incident that occurred before his disability', (Greg Barns interview), 5 July 2017

Hobart Mercury, 'Neill-Fraser case in limbo', 5 July 2017

Radio National (Canberra), 'What's next for the Cardinal George Pell case', (Greg Barns interview), 4 July 2017

Also broadcast on Radio National (Adelaide), Radio National (Brisbane), Radio National (Darwin), Radio National (Hobart), Radio National (Melbourne), Radio National (Newcastle), Radio National (Perth), Radio National (Sydney)

Adelaide Now, 'Sue Neill-Fraser's case in legal limbo with no date set for next hearing', 4 July 2017

Hobart Mercury, 'Queries on Ashley's future after secret report', 4 July 2017

Hobart Mercury, 'Give Cardinal Pell, and everyone else, a fair hearing in court', 3 July 2017

Sunday Examiner, 'Deaths spark calls for new jail', 2 July 2017

Weekend West, 'Paedophile Salvo is jailed for double life', 1 July 2017

Weekend Australian, 'Court delays add to Pell woes', 1 July 2017