Media coverage, March 2016

1st Mar 2016

Just some of the media coverage generated by the Australian Lawyers Alliance or its members during the month of March 2016.

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The Examiner, 'Tasmanian Law Society warns abolishing suspended sentences will push prisons to 'breaking point', 30 March 2016

936 ABC Hobart, 'Easter jail flare-up’, 29 March 2016

ABC 891 Adelaide,'Discussion of the general laws around protecting oneself in the home’, 29 March 2016

Sunday Times, 'Grog lock hasn't a remote hope', 27 March 2016

Also published in the Herald Sun

WIN Hobart, 'A bill to make smoking illegal for Tasmanians born from the year 2000 onwards is said to be fundamentally flawed’, 26 March 2016

The Australian, 'Action needed to hold life insurers accountable for policies', 26 March 2016

Sydney Monring Herald, 'State government gives NSW police right to ban people from public places’, 22 March 2016

Also published in the Queanbeyean Age, St George Sutherland Shire Leader

Hobart Mercury, 'Ex-crims home attacked', 21 March 2016

WIN Hobart, 'Prisoner advocates have slammed those who were responsible for a vandal attack', 21 March 2016

Hobart Mercury, 'Talking Point: Last thing we need are tacky projects driven by a quick buck’, 21 March 2016

ABC 936 Hobart, 'The Prisoners' Legal Service has called for more protection for parolees', 21 March 2016

Also broadcast on Radio National (Hobart)

ABC TV (Hobart), 'Vigilantes threw rocks at Freedom Center's Property for Ex-Prisoners', 21 March 2016

ABC News 24, 'Police are investigating a weekend attack with rocks and tomatoes on a house for ex-prisoners', 21 March 2016

Also broadcast on ABC News 24 (Adelaide), ABC News 24 (Brisbane), ABC News 24 (Canberra), ABC News 24 (Hobart), ABC News 24 (Melbourne), ABC News 24 (Perth), ABC News 24 (Regional NSW), ABC News 24 (Regional Queensland), ABC News 24 (Regional Victoria), ABC News 24 (Regional West Australia)

Weekend Australian, 'No parole for killer Birnie', 19 March 2016

Hobart Mercury, 'Sniffer dog use in public slammed', 19 March 2016

Courier Mail, 'Serial killer Catherine Birnie’s fourth bid for parole rejected’, 18 March 2016

Also published in the Herald Sun, 'Australia: A World Leader In Shirking Human Rights Obligations’, 18 March 2016

Launceston Examiner, 'SNIFFER DOGS', 17 March 2016

ABC The Drum, 'MPs must stop referring each other to police - this isn't a game’, 17 March 2016

SBS, 'Family of deported Cambodian-Australian 'desperate’, 17 March 2016

Also broadcast on SBS (Adelaide), SBS (Albany), SBS (Brisbane), SBS (Canberra), SBS (Melbourne), SBS (Perth), SBS (Regional NSW), SBS (Regional Queensland), SBS (Regional Victoria), SBS (Tasmania)

SBS World News, 'The parents of a deported Cambodian man are pleading with the Federal Government that he be allowed to return to Australia to be treated for prostate cancer', 15 March 2016

Also broadcast on SBS (Adelaide), SBS (Albany), SBS (Brisbane), SBS (Canberra), SBS (Melbourne), SBS (Perth), SBS (Regional NSW), SBS (Regional Queensland), SBS (Regional Victoria), SBS (Tasmania)

Hobart Mercury, 'Residents rally over ex-cons', 15 March 2016

Risk Advisor, 'Law firm, super funds circle in wake of CommInsure scandal', 14 March 2016

Hobart Mercury, 'Speaker should have stepped aside for debate', 14 March 2015

Sunday Times, 'Gender bias rules WA judicial bench', 13 March 2016

Also published in the Daily Telegraph

Radio 2SM, 'The future of the NSW Greens Slip Insurance Scheme will be discussed today as the State looks to tighten vehicle regulations’, 11 March 2016

Also broadcast on 2AD (Armidale), 2BH (Broken Hill), 2DU (Dubbo), 2EL (Orange), 2GF (Grafton), 2LM (Lismore), 2MG (Mudgee), 2MO (Gunnedah), 2NZ (Inverell),2PK (Parkes), 2RE (Taree), 2TM (Tamworth), 2VM (Moree), 4WK (Toowoomba), Triple Z (Lismore)

Lawyers Weekly, 'CommInsure scandal sparks call for insurance sector reform', 10 March 2016

Independent Financial Advisor, 'Law firm, super funds circle in wake of CommInsure scandal', 10 March 2016

Australian Financial Review, 'Deadlines on Slaters debt raise concerns', 10 March 2016

Sydney Morning Herald, 'Legal problems could follow revelation of police drug testing process fault: QC', 10 March 2016

Herald Sun, 'Disgraced lawyer risks breach over serial killer's secrets', 8 March 2016

Crikey, 'Martin Bryant’s lawyer talks to Seven, but legal privilege questions remain’, 7 March 2016

Channel 7 (Perth), 'Lawyer John Avery has been criticised for betraying his client, Martin Bryant’, 7 March 2016

Also broadcast on GWN7 (Perth), Seven Bundaberg (Bundaberg), Seven Cairns (Cairns), Seven Central (Alice Springs), Seven Mackay (Mackay), Seven Mt Isa (Mt Isa), Seven Rockhampton (Rockhampton), Seven Sunshine Coast (Sunshine Coast), Seven Toowoomba (Toowoomba), Seven Townsville (Townsville), Seven Brisbane, Central GTS/BKN Port Lincoln (Port Lincoln), Central GTS/BKN Port Pirie (Spencer Gulf), Southern Cross GTS/BKN Broken Hill (Port Pirie), Prime7 ACT (Canberra), Prime7 Armidale (Armidale), Prime7 Coffs Harbour (Coffs Harbour), Prime7 Cooma (Cooma), Prime7 Dubbo (Dubbo), Prime7 Gold Coast (Gold Coast), Prime7 Griffith (Griffith), Prime7 Moree (Moree), Prime7 Newcastle (Newcastle), Prime7 North Coast (Lismore), Prime7 Orange (Orange), Prime7 Tamworth (Tamworth), Prime7 Taree (Manning River), Prime7 Wagga Wagga (Wagga Wagga), Prime7 Wollongong (Wollongong), Channel 7 Sydney

Southern Cross Tasmania, 'Police videos with serial killer Martin Bryant have been broadcast for the first time.' 7 March 2016

Hobart Mercury, 'Prisoners in sentence bottleneck’, 5 March 2016

Lawyers Weekly, 'Slater and Gordon: What is the risk to clients?', 4 March 2016

Hobart Mercury, 'Longer wait for justice', 4 March 2016

Launceston Examiner, 'Tackling dodgy drugs can be done sensibly', 4 March 2016

Launceston Examiner, 'Sniffer dogs on the nose with lawyers', 4 March 2016

Heart FM, 'There has been an increase in the number of Tas prisoners on remand', 4 March 2016

Also broadcast on Sea FM (Hobart)

ABC The Drum,'What we need is truth and reconciliation, but can the Royal Commission deliver?', 3 March 2016

Avon Valley Advocate, 'Northam Police arrest would-be car thief after he tries to steal 'bait car'', 2 March 2016

ABC Radio National, 'Is the Australian government failing its workplace duty of care in Nauru?', 2 March 2016