Planned SA WorkCover overhaul benefits injured

28th Jun 2013

“Industrial Relations Minister John Rau’s announcement today to pay out long-term SA WorkCover injury victims is likely to facilitate better health outcomes for such workers and is a long overdue development,” Australian Lawyers Alliance SA President, Patrick Boylen, said.

“There are many long-term claimants who cannot return to their previous jobs who would welcome the opportunity to be paid an appropriate level of compensation to leave the WorkCover scheme,” Mr Boylen said.

“It is important to remember how beneficial it is to remove such injury victims from a drip-feed approach that makes it difficult for them to plan and get on with their lives,” he said.

Mr Boylen said he hoped the changes would also release funds to better target important rehabilitation work to further maximize health outcomes.

“Until a person or their family is affected by injury, it is impossible to fully comprehend the upheaval and despair such injury creates with the day-to-day lives of those affected.

“These changes allow the injured to regain control of their lives and to leave the scheme at the appropriate time with dignity.”

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