SA victims’ rights sacrificed for road works

6th Jun 2013

“Since March 2012 the SA government has led the public to believe that the CTP scheme needed to be reformed to ensure its financial viability into the future. The 2013 SA Budget has shown that the Motor Accident Commission (MAC) has a healthy surplus and the SA government has wasted no time in helping itself to the surplus,” ALA SA President Patrick Boylen said today.

Mr Boylen, said despite assurances that no CTP money would be used for general revenue purposes such as road works, an announcement was made as part of the 2013 SA Budget today that it would be doing just that.

“This move confirms what many have suspected for a long time that CTP insurance premiums are viewed by the government as a tax on motorists not as an insurance fund to assist the victims of road accidents,” Mr Boylen said.

“It’s now clear that the true reason for the so called ‘reforms’ to the CTP scheme was to increase the Motor Accident Commission surplus to transfer straight to the to the government’s general purpose purse,” he said.

“The ALA is deeply concerned that the SA government will make increasing demands on the Motor Accident Commission revenue, eroding the scheme to a point where it will truly be unviable and become another Workcover-style disaster.

"The SA government is denying victims of motor vehicle accidents legitimate payouts in order to receive a payout of its own, Mr Boylen said.

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