Scrapping suspended prison sentences is not the answer

31st Mar 2016

Plans by the Tasmanian government to scrap suspended jail terms are a bad idea which will only hurt victims and defendants alike, the Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA) said today.

Under the State Government’s “tough on crime” proposals, suspended sentences will be phased out over five years and coincide with new punishment options for the courts.

ALA Tasmania President Henry Pill said the plan would not have the desired effect and would only waste taxpayer money.

“Scrapping suspended prison sentences can only be described as bad policy,” Mr Pill said. “This idea simply is not backed by the evidence.”

“This proposal will only waste taxpayer money and create delay and injustice in the court system.

“The community’s expectation is that we have a strong, workable justice system. These reforms will push it to breaking point and hurt victims and defendants alike,” Mr Pill said.