Voluntary assisted dying laws in NSW welcome: Call to allow NT & ACT to pass own VAD laws

19th May 2022

Voluntary assisted dying laws in NSW will now provide much needed clarity and compassion for people with a terminal illness, their families, and the medical professionals who help them to manage their final days.

“We are very pleased that this legislation has now passed parliament,” said Joshua Dale, NSW President, Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA). “Terminally ill people deserve the right to decide when to end their suffering.  

“NSW is the last state to pass voluntary assisted dying legislation and our laws draw on the experience of other states. However, we are not the last jurisdiction in Australia to adopt the policy and we urge the next Federal Government to allow the ACT and Northern Territory to legislate for voluntary assisted dying.

 “Enabling eligible individuals to access voluntary assisted dying is consistent with patient-centred care which allows competent patients to make such choices, with safeguards and legal regulation in place.

“The passage of this legislation will provide people with the option to end their lives peacefully.”

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