WA sex offender website will not make community safer - ALA

15th Oct 2012

“The Community Protection Website, released today by the WA Government, will not assist in reducing sex offences or making the community safer in WA,” Australian Lawyers Alliance director, barrister and criminal law spokesman, Greg Barns, said.

“In fact, the website is a recipe for vigilantism, violence and potential loss of life because it provides information about sex offenders, such as where they are living and what they look like, and this will inevitably lead to attacks on those individuals. This is exactly what has occurred in the United States,” Mr Barns said.

“The WA Government would be better off spending the money it has wasted on this website by ensuring sex offenders have proper access to treatment within the WA prison system and by ensuring that when sex offenders are released into the community, they are kept safe and have community supports available to them so that the chances of them reoffending are substantially reduced,” Mr Barns said.

Tags: Western Australia Criminal justice