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4th Oct 2018

New software converts 2D MRI scans to 3D renders

An innovative new software that converts 2D MRI scans to accurate 3D models is now available to personal injury lawyers in Australia. 

The US-based solution has been specifically developed to aid personal injury cases. This is achieved by showing a precise demonstration of the injury as a 3D image, which can be clearly understood by all parties involved. 

The technology provides a superior alternative to the historical practice of an MRI being presented to a lawyer, insurer or jury to assess independently of, or in conjunction with, a physician’s explanation. The traditional method often relies on a high level of technical understanding of specific medical terms which can be difficult to decipher. As a consequence, it can be extremely challenging for the stakeholders concerned to comprehend what injury the plaintiff suffered as a result of an accident, and subsequently what care is required to remedy the problem. Similarly, the ancillary challenge of this method is the varying degrees of interpretation, subjectivity and bias that inevitably occur when multiple (and conflicting) entities are involved with a claim.

Conversely, the 3D rendering platform provides a tool that objectifies results via a true and accurate visual representation of the injury, which is verified by an internationally board-certified radiologist. The outcome is a precise, certified depiction of the injury that can be assessed without prejudice by all parties. 

Actual patient example

The software solution provides a substantial opportunity to expedite a plaintiff’s claim as well as positively contribute to the plaintiff’s ongoing treatment plan. As such, the technology plays a crucial role in supporting patients, with clear economic and social benefits. 

The 3D rendering platform is advantageous to each entity associated with the claim.

  • Court:
    • The 3D render eliminates or lessens litigation and/or court involvement by providing an unbiased and accurate depiction of the injury that can be universally understood by all parties; and 
    • Should the matter proceed to court, the 3D render enables a jury to clearly understand the plaintiff’s injuries without the need for a complex, technical explanation. 
  • Lawyer:
    • Removes plaintiff interpretation and possible fabrication;
    • Helps promote the resolution of matters in a timely and reasonable manner;
    • Escalates resolution with insurers;
    • Enhances duty of care and lessens expenses; and
    • Provides a tool that is permissible in court.
      • helps prevent litigation 
  • Plaintiff:
    • Removes undue duress for a plaintiff who is legitimately hurt;
    • Empowers the plaintiff by providing a greater understanding of the injury and why the corresponding care is being provided; 
      • increases satisfaction
    • Lessens expenses by expediting a case; and
    • Returns a law of tort to plaintiffs that may otherwise be negatively affected.
  • Physician:
    • Helps to explain the clinical cause and can assist the physician with resolution of the issue, and can be used as part of the patient’s ongoing care and rehabilitation treatment plan. 
      • long-term benefits

How it works

In Australia, JustKapital has been awarded the exclusive rights to convert 2D MRI scans to accurate 3D digital models through Multus Medical’s software. To access:

  • contact JustKapital to arrange the 2D MRI scan to be sent via a secure portal to Multus Medical;
  • Multus Medical will convert the 2D MRI scan into a 3D digital render; and
  • the 3D render will be sent back via a secure portal within 3-5 days of receipt, accompanied by an internationally board-certified radiologist’s verification.

There is a capped fee/deferred payment structure (ie. no upfront cost).

About the provider

Multus Medical is a leading technological provider that specialises in creating accurate, patient-specific, 3-dimensional anatomical schematics from standardised MRI data. The company was established in 2014 by established trial lawyer, David Wattel, with the explicit objective of providing personal injury lawyers a solution to address the challenge of interpreting MRI scans – which in turn often correlate with a lengthy litigation process. The platform is currently used extensively throughout the US. Following its expansion in Australia, Multus Medical will extend its reach to Europe, Canada and Asia based on existing and emerging demand. Multusmedical.com.

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