Family Law

  • Gender dysphoria in Australia: The judicial response in Re Kelvin

    21st Feb 2019

    Greg McAllister discusses the case of Re Kelvin and its implications for Australian minors with gender dysphoria who wish to commence hormone therapy. 

  • Maternal rights must be recognised for the sake of children

    5th Jul 2018

    Anna Kerr and Darelle Duncan discuss the move in NSW towards an increase in permanent adoption from foster care placements, and the negative implications this will have for children's welfare and maternal rights.

  • Using peace to resolve family law conflict

    5th May 2016

    The irony of litigating family matters is that parties are effectively using litigation to counter and respond to family conflict. But rather than working as a conflict resolution tool, litigation actually extends the conflict, and perpetuates further conflict. Yet somehow this negative plus negative response is meant to achieve a positive result. 

  • Moving beyond legalistic responses in family law

    18th Mar 2016

    Domestic and family violence (D&FV) is a heinous, and omnipresent epidemic in Australia. D&FV is more than physical violence. It is actual and threatened behaviour, and behaviour which is used to incite fear. It is coercive and controlling in nature, and includes emotional, psychological, economic, sexual, social, property, and family abuse. It is insidious and has no boundaries. No social group is immune from attack.