Jane Campbell

  • How to help your client without financial capacity

    27th Jun 2019

    Jane Campbell discusses the recent ACT Supreme Court case of Williams v Hoang [2019] ACTSC 144 and provides top tips for plaintiff lawyers who are seeking to recover the cost of funds management.

  • Financial capacity meets the real world

    30th Aug 2018

    Using real client scenarios as examples, Jane Campbell discusses a lawyer's role in determining their client's financial capacity and helping a client to assess their financial management options. 

  • New NSWTAG fee impacting vulnerable plaintiffs

    24th Jun 2016

    Recent fee changes at the NSW Trustee & Guardian (NSWTAG) will leave most privately managed clients worse off.

    The new fee means that plaintiffs with private managers will have been undercompensated for the cost of funds management.

  • Money and injury – big changes afoot

    27th Aug 2015

    Changes are being made to the way that injured people can access financial support. Are the changes being made to government support, compensation and disability insurance a step in the right direction for injured Australians? Jane Campbell assesses the issues.