• Juror misconduct leads to quashed conviction and retrial

    4th Feb 2021

    When considering their verdict, jurors may think that it is helpful to conduct an internet search on the case, on the accused, or even on the finer points of jury service. Peter Schmidt discusses the ways in which improper juror behaviour can cause unnecessary cost and burden to the court and the victim.

  • The other side of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

    14th Nov 2019

    Tom Percy QC shares his concerns about the perceived shift in community attitudes towards a presumption of guilt for individuals charged with historical sexual abuse offences, particularly where an alleged offence took place in an institutional setting. He contends that an accused person should have an unconditional right to elect a trial by judge alone.

  • Damages for pain and suffering

    1st Nov 2018

    Harry Gill discusses two Victorian decisions that explore the assessment of pain and suffering damages in personal injury cases.