• Australia‚Äôs Religious Discrimination Bill: Hard cases make bad law

    5th Nov 2020

    The Religious Discrimination Bill has received a mixed reaction from the Australian public, and it is evident that not everyone will be satisfied with the final version of the legislation.

    Emily Wittig from Stacks Collins Thompson and Geoff Baldwin from Stacks Champion discuss the Bill’s repercussions for workplaces, and the difficulty of defining ‘religion’ and identifying the line between vilification and merely offending someone.

  • Civil and criminal law both needed to ban conversion therapy

    19th Nov 2019

    Conversion practices that seek to change an individual’s sexual orientation should be regulated by a combination of criminal law and civil law, says the ALA.

  • Norrie: paving the way for meaningful recognition of sex and gender

    5th Jun 2014

    The recent High Court decision in Norrie was significant in its recognition of identity, and that not all human beings can be classified by sex. Giri Sivaraman and Alessandra Peldova-McClelland examine the case's impact on LGBTI rights in Australia.