Medical Experts

  • Orthopaedic eponyms

    31st Aug 2017

    This glossary explains some of the more commonly used eponyms to help those outside the medical profession better understand medical reports.

  • Pain and psychological conditions

    9th Mar 2017

    Pain and psychological conditions: ‘which comes first, the chicken or the egg’?

  • Complex regional pain syndrome: a diagnostic challenge for clinicians

    2nd Mar 2017

    Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is a condition that is frequently disputed in personal injury compensation claims. Even for clinicians who regularly see cases of CRPS it can represent diagnostic difficulties. For other clinicians who see cases of CRPS less frequently, it maybe wrongly referred to as Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome or Chronic Pain Syndrome.

  • Pain medicine physicians and pain management programmes

    23rd Feb 2017

    Pain medicine is a relatively new medical speciality that can be used to assess personal injury cases where pain is a major contributing component to impairment and disability. This article outlines the specialist training, examination and expertise that distinguishes pain medicine physicians from other medical specialists and the difference between a pain medicine physician and pain management programmes (PMPs).

  • To disclose or not to disclose, that is the question!

    3rd Jun 2016

    While there is no obligation on a lawyer to make a file note of a conversation with a medical expert, is it ethical for a lawyer not to make a recording of a conversion in circumstances where the instructions to the specialist are for a verbal opinion only? Joanne Baker discusses.