Sarah Vinall

  • Lawyers urge SA government to implement fairer compensation scheme for injured motorists

    13th Mar 2019

    Lawyers in SA are calling on the state government to urgently adopt recommendations that will provide fairer compensation to people injured in car accidents.

  • Injured South Australians at risk after MAC CTP claims transferred to Berkshire Hathaway

    15th Dec 2018

    Plaintiff lawyers in South Australia say the transfer of the Motor Accident Commission’s CTP claims back book has put injured South Australians at risk.

  • Implications of the NDIS on personal injury compensation

    14th Sep 2017

    The purpose of this article is to alert lawyers practising in the personal injury field to the implications of the introduction of the NDIS on clients entitled to receive compensation for their injuries. 

  • Cosmetic Surgery: the end of an unregulated medical specialty?

    19th Oct 2016

    In recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in the amount of cosmetic surgery being performed in Australia. Cosmetic surgery is no longer only for the rich and famous; it is becoming more popular and accepted within the community at large. The increase in the availability of cosmetic surgery has led to stiff competition between providers, driving down prices.

    With this increase in use, there have been a number of recently reported incidents where patients have suffered adverse reactions during cosmetic surgery procedures or from patients unhappy with the results of their surgery, which highlights the lack of regulation of the industry.

  • How the chemotherapy under dosing highlights a lack of compassion

    14th Jul 2016

    The recent chemotherapy under dosing bungle in two South Australian hospitals has highlighted significant flaws in the way that victims of medical negligence are often treated. This is particularly concerning as the hospitals involved are publicly funded and have a mandated policy of open disclosure specifically for situations like this.