ALA condemns secret filming of Assange’s legal meetings

24th Feb 2020

The filming of Julian Assange’s confidential conferences with his lawyers in the Ecuadorian Embassy is a deeply concerning development, says the Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA).

“All individuals have the right to confer with their legal advisers in confidence. This is a fundamental principle of the legal system and a basic legal right,” said Mr Andrew Christopoulos, National President, ALA.  “It does not matter who that person is, or what they are alleged to have done.

“We call on Attorney General, Christian Porter and Minister for Foreign Affairs, Marise Payne to condemn this behaviour and to raise this issue with their US counterparts.  Julian Assange is an Australian citizen who has had his right to confidential communications with his legal team breached.

“This breach sets a dangerous precedent that will erode confidence in the legal proceedings. The revelation confirms the ALA’s view that the Assange extradition proceedings must end.”

Last year the ALA moved a motion at its national conference calling for the Australian Government to do all it can to bring Julian Assange back to Australia and to resist attempts by the US to extradite him.

 “This is an important issue about the rule of law and protecting an Australian who is in a vulnerable position overseas,” said Mr Christopoulos.

Tags: Human rights Freedom of media