The Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA) advocates on a range of issues that significantly impact on the rights of individuals in Australia.

We contribute to parliamentary inquiries, consult with governments, and partner with law societies and bar associations and other relevant non-government organisations, across the country at a federal and state/territory level.

An overview of the submissions we have provided so far this year can be viewed here.

In addition, our members are passionate advocates in the media for justice, featuring in print and online media, on radio and television.

In 2017, the ALA will focus on a number of key areas:

In 2016, we provided more than than 25 submissions on a range of issues nationwide.

We also regularly apply under freedom of information laws for the release of information affecting individuals' rights.

In addition, the ALA has been a frequent contributor to parliamentary inquiries, including on the NSW Lifetime Care and Support Scheme, the Transport Accidents Commission (Vic) and CTP schemes nationally.

In advance of the Federal double dissolution election in July 2016, the ALA surveyed major parties on priority issues for our members.

You can see an overview of all our submissions since 2011 here.