Our Board

The Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA) is a company limited by guarantee.

The organisation is overseen by a National Council, consisting of an elected Board of Directors representing each state and territory across Australia. Directors serve a two-year term, with half the state/territory branches holding an election each year.

The National President is the public face of the organisation and serves for a one-year term: from 1 July to the end of June the following year. We are also represented by thematic spokespersons, who are experts in their fields.

From 1 July 2023, the National President of the ALA is Shaun Marcus.

The National Council

  • National President Shaun Marcus
  • President-Elect Michelle James
  • Immediate Past President Genevieve Henderson
  • ACT Director Amber Wang
  • NSW Director Roshana May
  • NT Director Cathy Spurr
  • Qld Director Michelle James
  • SA Director Sarah Vinall
  • Tas Director Rowena McDonald
  • Vic Director Michel Margalit
  • WA Director Ian Murray

The National Council meets regularly throughout the year to set the policy and strategic direction for the organisation. The members also elect a President-Elect, who serves a one-year term in that role before becoming the National President the following year.

Our objective

A principal objective of the ALA is to ensure that people who have been injured by the wrongful conduct of others are able to recover adequate compensation for those injuries. We believe that the common law system of awarding compensation to accident victims is the most appropriate mechanism for dispensing justice and deterring unsafe practices that can give rise to catastrophic injuries. For more information on the importance of common law, you can find our position here.