Event papers available for purchase: 2016

Past papers are available for purchase from Australian Lawyers Alliance events. Individual papers may be purchased, or alternatively, the full set from the event.

A full listing of the papers available can be accessed for all of our events below. Past papers are available for:

QLD State Conference 2016

12-13 February 2016

You can order any of the past papers from the Queensland State Conference, by downloading this order form.



Update on NDIS and NIIS

Rod Hodgson, Principal, Maurice Blackburn
Simon Morrison, Managing Director, Shine Lawyers

“But I Would Have Gone To Work in The Mines” - A Review of Economic Loss Awards

John Kimmins, Inns of Court

Public Liability Case Review

Travis Schultz, Managing Partner, Schultz Toomey O’Brien

Unidentified and Unregistered Vehicles - Trips and Traps for The Unwary Andrew Harris, Inns of Court Gold Coast
Clare Eves, Associate, Shine Lawyers
Shopping Centre Slip & Fall Cases - What You Need To Know!

Colin Patino, Principal, Patinos Personal Lawyers

Handling Disability Insurance Claims - Traps & Tips for Lawyers

Kevin Holyoak, Callinan Chambers

“He Should Have Recovered Within 6-8 Weeks” - An Analysis of Soft Tissue Injuries Dr Gerard Kilian, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Red Health Independent Medical Assessments
Liability for 3rd Party Assaults Jeremy Wiltshire, Inns of Court
Similar But Different: Disclosure Under The Three Pre-proceedings Regimes Brady Cockburn, Partner, Cooper Grace Ward
The In-betweeners

Wayne Elliott, A B Paterson Chambers

Walking The Tightrope - A Practical Guide To Sanctions Jamie Shine, Partner, Shine Lawyers

Quantifying Dependency Claims

Michael Lee, Forensic Accountant, Vincents Chartered Accountants
Recent QIRC Decisions Michal Horvath, Level 12 Barristers Chambers
How To Get The Most Out of Your Counsel -
A Practical Guide To Briefing
Laura Neil, Endeavour Chambers

Application School

Gerard Mullins, Darrow Chambers
Sarah Vallance, Associate, Maurice Blackburn

NSW State Conference 2016

11 March 2016

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Judicial Review of Administrative Decisions

His Honour Justice Stephen Rothman AM, NSW Supreme Court

Family Provisions Claims

Michelle Painter SC, Nine Selborne Chambers

Maximising Your Prospects at MAS (CTP)

Margaret Holz, Jack Shand Chambers

Reviews from Work Capacity Decisions - Experience From The Merit Review Service Cameron Player, Director Assessment Services, SIRA
Dangerous Recreational Activity Travis Schultz, Partner, Schultz Toomey O'Brien (QLD)
A Decade of Lessons In Personal Injuries Litigation Bernard Gross QC, Second Floor Selborne Chambers
Annual Case Review Andrew Morrison RFD SC, Wardell Chambers

VIC State Conference 2016

13-14 May 2016

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Self Driven – Automated Vehicles & The Future of Transport Accident Law

Katie Minogue, Associate, Maurice Blackburn

Quantum – Recent Developments

Fiona Crock, Lennon’s List
Andrew Saunders, Lennon’s List


Lachlan Allan, VIC Bar

Common Law Trials and Tribulations His Honour Judge Robert Dyer, County Court of Victoria
Institutional Sexual Abuse David Seeman, Lennon’s List
Annual Case Review Maria Pilipasidis, Counsel, Lennon’s List
John Valiotis, Counsel, Lennon’s List
Tim Tobin SC, Lennon’s List

QLD NIIS Legislation: A New Beginning Seminar

12 July 2016

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NIIS: No Fault MVA Comes to Queensland: Overview of the Act

Rod Hodgson, Maurice Blackburn

Who Gets What and When? Participants' Rights and Entitlements

Michelle James, Maurice Blackburn

Retention of Common Law Rights: Opt-Out Provisions Rod Hodgson, Maurice Blackburn
Gerard Mullins, Darrow Chambers
Policy and Practice: A Regulator's Perspective Neil Singleton, MAIC
Janene Hillhouse, Queensland Treasury
Taking on the System: Appeals and Reviews Under the Act Kevin Holyoak, Callinan Chambers

Medical Law Conference

29 July 2016

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Lifting The Drapes

David Hirsch, Second Floor Selborne Chambers

Hospital Acquired Infections - Understanding Their Sources & How They Spread

Dr Bernard Hudson, Senior Lecturer Medicine, University of Sydney

Hospital Deaths and Coroners: A Probe in The System His Honour Coroner Hugh Dillon, Coroner’s Court of NSW
Treatment of Acute Limb Ischaemia Assoc. Professor David Hardman, Vascular Surgeon, Lidia Perin Medical Centre (ACT)
Medical Claims: Sketching The Next Few Years Bill Madden, National Group Practice Leader, Medical Negligence, Slater & Gordon
Julia Lonergan SC, Maurice Byers Chambers

ACT Branch Conference

26 August 2016

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Keynote Address – The ACT Supreme Court – Where To Now?

Her Honour Judge Margaret Sidis, District Court of NSW (Ret)

Shifting Sands – Medical Regulation in Australia

Ruth Townsend, ANU College of Law

Advances in The Diagnosis and Understanding of Musculoskeletal Injury James Miller, Physiotherapist, Capital Clinic Physiotherapy
Pitfalls and Slipups – A Practical Guide To Trip and Fall Cases in The ACT Steve Whybrow, Blackburn Chambers
Tips for Lawyers in Managing Client Expectations Before An Assessment Dr Monica Skjerve, Clinical Psychologist, Canberra Clinical & Forensic Psychology

Assessing Economic Loss for Business Owners

Ian Davy, Forensic Accountant, Evidex

Estate Litigation - How Free Is The Freedom of Testamentary Disposition?

Wayne Sharwood, Blackburn Chambers
Disclosure/Privilege - The State of Play Since Jefferson-Taite & Anor v Lewis Dan Crowe, Blackburn Chambers
Annual Case Review Greg Stretton SC, Blackburn Chambers
Andrew Muller, Blackburn Chambers

National Conference

20-22 October 2016

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Litigating an Insurer’s Rejection of a TPD Claim

His Honour Judge John McGill SC, District Court of QLD

Contribution Issues in Personal Injuries Cases (Workplace)

Emma Reilly, Partner, Moray & Agnew (ACT)

Financial Advice for Plaintiffs Jane Campbell, Principal, Aeran (NSW)
When Is the Tort Complete? – Alcan Gove v Zorko Zabic Roger Singh, Partner, Shine Lawyers (QLD)
Statutory Modification of the Common Law Principles Relating To Contributory Negligence Chris Barry QC, Selborne Chambers (NSW)

Life Insurance in the Spotlight

Josh Mennen, Principal, Maurice Blackburn (VIC)

Family Violence: What Have We Learned and Where To from Here?

Paula Shelton, Senior Solicitor, Shine Lawyers (VIC)
Representing Australian Citizens Charged With Criminal Offences Overseas John Sneddon, Partner, Shand Taylor (QLD)
Life Expectancy – Recasting the Mould Gerard Mullins, Darrow Chambers (QLD)
Susie Griffiths, Solicitor, Maurice Blackburn (QLD)

Accessible Communication: What Digital Publishing Really Means for Australia's Lawyers

Leticia Mooney, Director, Brutal Pixie (SA)

Police Accountability in Australia

Jeremy King, Principal, Robinson Gill Lawyers (VIC)
Nick Boag, Lawyer, Flemington & Kensington Community Legal Centre (VIC)

Future Economic Loss – Discounts, Double Discounts and the Death of Restitutio in Integrum

Travis Schultz, Practice Group Leader, Schultz Toomey O’Brien (QLD)

Annual Case Review

Gerard Mullins, Darrow Chambers (QLD)
Jnana Gumbert, Sir Owen Dixon Chambers (NSW)

Australia’s Legal Response To the Threat of Terrorism

Nicholas Cowdery AM QC (NSW)
Assessing A Product Failure: Is There Liability? Ted Dohrmann, Engineer Ergonomist, Dohrmann Consulting (VIC)
The Commonwealth's Duty of Care To Asylum Seekers in Immigration Detention Josh Dale, Associate, Carroll & O’Dea (NSW)

SA State Conference

11 November 2016

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Lifetime Support & National Disability Insurance Scheme – What You Need To Know

Maria Demosthenous, Anthony Mason Chambers

Building Resilience in Legal Practice - “Tarzan… Grabbing for the Oxygen Mask”

Commentary on Resilience from Len Kling, Clinical Psychologist, Room for Positive Change

Case Law - Eight Most Important Common Law Cases of 2015/2016 David Blyth, Anthony Mason Chambers

2016 Conferences

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