Barrister Ngaire Watson wins ALA Member of the Year Award

21st Oct 2022

A NSW barrister specialising in health and medical litigation, Ngaire Watson, has been awarded the 2022 Australian Lawyers Alliance’s (ALA) Member of the Year Award.

Ngaire Watson was presented with the award during the ALA’s National Conference in South Australia today.

“Ngaire is a truly deserving recipient of our annual Member of the Year Award,” said Ms Genevieve Henderson, National President, ALA.  “Day after day she brings her expertise and passion to the work of the ALA and makes an enormous contribution to our ongoing pursuit of justice.”

For more than a decade, Ngaire Watson has been a committed and passionate member of
the ALA. As a founding member and Chair of the Medical Law Special Interest Group, Ngaire works with group members to organise medical law conferences and seminars, and also to support the ALA’s policy and advocacy work on a range of issues, including cosmetic surgery regulation.

“Ngaire is a reliable and articulate spokesperson for the ALA on health law and medical negligence issues and we appreciate the time she gives to advocating publicly on these important matters,” said Ms Henderson.  “Ngaire has been especially active in recent years as we work to change the laws to help protect cosmetic surgery patients from harm.”

Ngaire is also an active member of the committee that prepares the ALA’s journal, Precedent, and, along with her fellow committee members, she plays a key role in shaping the journal month after month.

“Ngaire’s commitment to the journal, her enthusiasm, her creativity, and her breadth of knowledge, particularly about matters in the medical field, make her an invaluable member of the Precedent team,” said Ms Henderson.

Tags: NSW Health, medicine and law