Funding gaps likely to be exacerbated by poor NDIS planning - ALA

26th Jul 2012

“Lack of structural detail for a National Disability Insurance Scheme will only exacerbate likely delays in rolling it out, following failure of all parties to agree on funding contributions at yesterday’s Council of Australian Governments meeting,” the Australian Lawyers Alliance said today.

The ALA is expressing real concern that the disability sector has not been given more detail on how the NDIS will operate as its ultimate success rests on its financial viability and method of implementation.

“There is no point in introducing something if it is not financially robust enough to survive in the long term,” Australian Lawyers Alliance National President, Anthony Kerin, said.

“Just look at what has happened with WorkCover in NSW. Its lack of financial viability led to people being flung from a system that was no longer able to sustain them,” he said.

Mr Kerin said the country had an opportunity of providing the most up-to-date system of support to preserve dignity and quality of life for those with disabilities, but correct processes as we marched towards implementation was crucial and politics had no role in something so important. Better consultation with the disability sector was imperative.

“It is something that needs to be sorted at the earliest possible moment or great disappointment and despondency is going to sit even more heavily on the shoulders of those already carrying far too much burden for society,” Mr Kerin said.

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