Lawyers call for independent inquiry into SA chemotherapy under-dosing

10th Jun 2016

The Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA) have today called for an independent inquiry into incidents of chemotherapy under-dosing at the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH).

ALA Director and Adelaide lawyer Tony Kerin said an independent inquiry was needed to provide full and thorough answers for the individuals and families who had been affected.

“The revelations of chemotherapy under-dosing at RAH remain deeply concerning, and it is important that those patients who have been affected by this can have confidence that the issues identified are being properly addressed to ensure something like this does not happen again,” Mr Kerin said.

“In our view, an independent inquiry is appropriate for this, most importantly to provide patients and their families with confidence that all issues will be looked at thoroughly but also to outline measures and recommendations to better protect patients in future and to ensure that patient safety is not again put at risk.

“We also believe such an inquiry is needed to ensure that all those affected can have access to fair compensation – the people affected by this issue have already been through enough and deserve swift access to justice.

“At the very least if such an inquiry is not forthcoming, then the ALA would call on the Government to ensure that all those who have been affected are properly informed of their rights to compensation as a priority,” he said.

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