Media coverage, December 2017

1st Dec 2017

Just some of the media coverage generated by the Australian Lawyers Alliance or its members during the month of December, 2017.

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Sunday Times, 'AND JUSTICE FOR ALL Wrong convictions is why the law needs to change', 31 December 2017

Radio 3AW, 'Matthew Guy hits back at legal criticism of latest policy', 29 December 2017

WAToday, 'Opposition plan to target ice dealers 'unlikely to be practical'', 28 December 2017

Also published in The Age

Radio 3AW webcast, 'Interview with Greg Barnes, ALA, about the 'dealing in death' legislation, which proposes to try and lay part of the blame for crimes on drug dealers', 28 December 2017

Hobart Mercury, 'Shoplifters in Government sights', 27 December 2017

Hobart Mercury, 'Serious lessons still to be learnt from horror of the Vietnam War', 26 December 2017

Radio National (Canberra), 'Interview with Greg Barns, Human Rights Barrister, about the condition of the Manus Island refugees and asylum seekers in East Lorengau Transit Centre', 20 December 2017

Also broadcast on Radio National (Adelaide), Radio National (Brisbane), Radio National (Darwin), Radio National (Hobart), Radio National (Melbourne), Radio National (Newcastle), Radio National (Perth), Radio National (Sydney)

Channel 10 The Project (Melbourne), 'NRL star has been accused of raping a woman in the US while he was playing for the San Francisco 49ers in 2015', 20 December 2017

Also broadcast on Channel 10 (Adelaide), Channel 10 (Perth), Channel 10 (Sydney), Southern Cross Cairns (Cairns), Ten Darwin (Darwin), Ten Gold Coast (Gold Coast), Ten Sunshine Coast (Sunshine Coast), West Digital Television (Albany), WIN Albury (Albury), WIN Ballarat (Ballarat), WIN Bendigo (Bendigo), WIN Cairns (Cairns), WIN Canberra (Canberra), WIN Coffs Harbour (Coffs Harbour), WIN Dubbo (Dubbo), WIN Gippsland (Sale), WIN Griffith (Griffith), WIN Hobart (Hobart), WIN Lismore (Lismore), WIN Mackay (Mackay), WIN Mildura (Mildura), WIN Newcastle (Newcastle), WIN Orange (Orange), WIN Riverland (Berri), WIN Rockhampton (Rockhampton), WIN Shepparton (Shepparton), WIN Sunshine Coast (Sunshine Coast), WIN Tamworth (Tamworth), WIN Taree (Port Macquarie), WIN Toowoomba (Toowoomba), WIN Townsville (Townsville), WIN Wagga (Wagga Wagga). WIN Western Australia (Perth), WIN Wide Bay (Bundaberg), WIN Wollongong (Wollongong)

Channel 7 News Adelaide, 'The police will have unprecedented power this New Year's Eve', 20 December 2017

ABC Radio Hobart (Hobart), 'Interview with Greg Barns, Barrister, about the increasing number of bikies', 20 December 2017

Also broadcast on ABC Northern Tasmania (Launceston)

Hobart Mercury, 'Property crime fight', 20 December 2017, 'Victims may be given access to their perpetrators superannuation', 19 December 2017

Newcastle Herald, 'Response to abuse inquiry 'needs teeth'', 18 December 2017

Also published in Daily Advertiser, Burnie Advocate

Hobart Mercury, 'Left stripped at remand jail', 18 December 2017

Yahoo News Australia, 'Response to abuse inquiry 'needs teeth'', 17 December 2017

North Lakes Messenger, ''CHEAP' OVERSEAS COSMETIC SURGERY IS IT WORTH IT?', 16 December 2017

Crikey, 'Child abuse royal commission could unintentionally create new victims', 15 December 2017

Launceston Examiner, 'PRISON SUPPORT', 15 December 2017

Radio 5AA Adelaide, 'Interview with Tony Kerin, lawyer, Maurice Blackburn, on wills', 14 December 2017

The New Daily, 'The biggest achievement of the child abuse royal commission', 14 December 2017

Hobart Mercury, 'Just close Ashley: Barns', 14 December 2017

ABC Radio Australia, 'Undeniable: The advocates and agitators who fought for justice', 12 December 2017

Hobart Mercury, 'Rewrite the Constitution to make it mean something to us all', 11 December 2017

Lawyers Weekly, 'Lawyers call for broad scope in banking royal commission', 4 December 2017

Hobart Mercury, 'Seize chance to work with nation's smartest Upper House', 4 December 2017

Weekend Australian, 'The Untested Question', 2 December 2017

Lawyers Weekly, ''Right-to-die' laws would be a relief for terminally ill: ALA', 1 December 2017