Media coverage January 2016

1st Jan 2016

Just some of the media coverage generated by the Australian Lawyers Alliance or its members during the month of December 2015.

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ABC's The Drum, 'Australia's drug driving laws are grossly unfair', 29 January 2016

Also published on AustraliaPlus

Radio 5AA Adelaide, 'Anthony Kerin, Maurice Blackburn, says the issue of compensation is complex following water main burst', 27 January 2016

Also broadcast on 5CS (Port Pirie)

The Age, 'Republic success needs community dedication', 26 January 2016

Also published in the Canberra Times

Hobart Mercury, 'Bad old days are on their way back thanks to China and world debt binge', 25 January 2016

The Australian, 'NDIS may be ‘open to legal action’ on autism', 23 January 2016

936 ABC Hobart, 'Greg Barns is calling for wines to be sold in supermarkets', 18 January 2016

Hobart Mercury, 'Hotels have drinkers over a barrel', 18 January 2016

Perth Now, 'How we could be heroes, in the day', 17 January 2016

Also published in the Courier Mail

891 ABC Adelaide, 'Claire O'Connor, Senior Counsel, to discuss the legal options for those affected by the Essendon doping saga', 14 January 2016

Also broadcast on ABC Broken Hill (Broken Hill), ABC Eyre Peninsula and West Coast (Port Lincoln), ABC North and West SA (Port Pirie), ABC Riverland SA (Renmark), ABC South East SA (Mt Gambier)

WA Today, 'Populist calls for courts to increase jail terms are misplaced', 13 January 2016

Adelaide Advertiser, 'CTP not for profits for a company or revenue for a government', 11 January 2016

Hobart Mercury, 'Refugees, sex abuse victims take back seat to cricket's bad boy', 10 January 2016

Radio 6PR, 'Interview with Tom Percy, QC, on the topic of Citizen's arrests', 5 January 2016

Hobart Mercury, 'PREMIER HITS OUT AT BBL STAR', 6 January 2016

West Australian, 'Dad slams 'unfair' demerits for daughter, mum', 5 January 2016

Hobart Mercury, 'Tasmanian needs hard decisions, not a pursuit of popularity', 5 January 2016

Sunday Times, 'Double demerits fail problem drivers', 3 January 2016

Also published in the Herald Sun