Proposed Prohibited Insignia Bill must be fought

21st Jun 2018

The Prohibited Insignia Bill introduced into Tasmanian Parliament today violates human rights and threatens principles of democracy, says the Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA).

“Given the public concern that its proposed consorting laws would interfere grossly with individual freedoms, we believe the government is attempting to minimise opposition by introducing the laws in stages,” said Fabiano Cangelosi, Tasmanian President, ALA. “This must be resisted just as fiercely.”

“Insignia is used by organisations for political expression. It undermines democracy when a member of the executive government is empowered to decide which organisations, and therefore which expressions of political ideas, should be permitted at all in public debate.

“It is very concerning that people could lose the right to wear or display their choice of insignia. It is a violation of human rights – specifically the right to freedom of expression - it is unnecessary and should not be tolerated in Tasmania.

“The problem is magnified because, under the proposed law, committing a minor, public order offence will be enough to trigger ministerial discretion to ban an organisation.

“Tasmanians should be very concerned about yet another grab for more powers.”

Tags: Human rights