Queensland now have Australia's fairest injury insurance scheme

26th May 2016

26 May 2016


Queenslanders will now have access to the best injury insurance scheme in the country, with a Bill passed today by State Parliament that will cover a current gap in coverage whilst also protecting rights, the Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA) said today.

ALA Queensland President Rod Hodgson said today's National Injury Insurance Scheme (NIIS) Bill would deliver a fair and balanced scheme that would benefit all Queenslanders catastrophically injured.

"The passing of today's NIIS bill will ensure Queensland now has the best scheme in Australia to provide for the lifetime care and support needs of catastrophically injured Queenslanders," Mr Hodgson said.

"It is a scheme that gets the balance right - it levels up coverage for those who currently have no support to ensure that all people who are catastrophically injured can access an insurance scheme to meet their lifetime care needs, but in doing so also preserves the existing rights of those who can prove fault to opt-out of this scheme and accept lump sum compensation if they choose to.

"And it does this for a modest cost - at less than 60 cents a week this scheme will be delivered for a considerably lower cost than most other states.

"The right to have choice to opt-out of the scheme if you can prove fault is critically important, as it provides people with dignity to have a say on their care and equipment needs. Existing and enhanced safeguards, including Court approval, will support the right choices being made. Our existing CTP scheme is stable, solvent and affordable. The government deserves credit for building a safety-net onto that scheme, rather than diluting its benefits.

"This is a scheme that puts the rights and needs of injured Queenslanders first, as it should,” he said.

But Mr Hodgson said the antics of the LNP in seeking to block the NIIS bill for an option that served only to benefit big insurers was a disappointing and hypocritical move that did nothing to serve the interests of injured Queenslanders.

"It is disappointing that the LNP have again opted to play politics on an issue where injured people's rights are at stake," Mr Hodgson said.

"The LNP have form when it comes to attacking injured people's rights - when they were last in Government they stripped away the rights of injured workers under the State's workers' compensation scheme.

“The LNP signed the intergovernmental agreement which is the genesis of this improved safety-net, yet did nothing to bring it to life whilst in government. And now they criticise the implementation of the scheme.

"Today they have sided with big insurers like the RACQ, in knocking a scheme that is fairest for injured Queenslanders.

“One day, the LNP just might start putting the interests of injured people, and their families, first. We would welcome that." he said.

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