Andrew Reynolds

  • Significant risk of the default investment option for TPD claimants

    26th Mar 2020

    If you are acting for a client with an approved TPD claim it would be a good idea for you to find out now how the superfund is dealing with TPD claim proceeds. According to Andrew Reynolds, currently roughly 50% of superfunds will direct proceeds into the member’s default investment option in their superannuation account. Over recent weeks, as the COVD-19 crisis has hit financial markets across the world, some claimants have lost tens of thousands of dollars before they even realise their claim has been approved. Andrew suggests that affected TPD claimants may have valid claims against their superfunds for these losses. 

  • Superannuation and TPD insurance: Ensure your clients don’t lose thousands of dollars in tax

    19th Sep 2019

    Andrew Reynolds provides practical tips for personal injury lawyers practising in the areas of superannuation and TPD on how they can prevent their clients from making potentially costly decisions and help them to maximise their benefit.

  • Superannuation and TPD Insurance: Four things you should tell every TPD client

    11th Oct 2018

    Giving TPD insurance claimants specific information early on can stop them taking action that is potentially financially damaging and encourage them to think about how best to maximise their claim should it be successful.

  • How to protect your client's TPD money

    8th Jun 2017

    There are simple strategies that can be implemented to make the most of any TPD claim, particularly minimising tax payments and maximising other benefit entitlements.

  • Four unique financial strategies for TPD claimants

    ‘Successful TPD claimants are in a unique position: they have full access to their super and can implement certain retirement strategies that most Australians can’t until they’re 60 or 65,’ writes Andy Reynolds – a member of the ALA Superannuation and Insurance Special Interest Group – outlining four strategies to save, preserve and maximise funds while maintaining flexibility.