Faran Gouldson

  • Bullied nurse wins $1.4m

    18th Oct 2017

    Faran Gouldson discusses the case of Robinson v State of Queensland [2017] QSC 165 in which the plaintiff was awarded $1.4 million in damages.

  • Interim ban on ethanol burners after a spate of accidents & injuries

    9th Feb 2017

    In late 2016 there were a number of announcements about the interim, 60-day, banning of ethanol burners in Queensland, and across other states and territories. The bans followed 38 incidents in Queensland and 117 in total across Australia since 2010.

  • The first interview with injured clients

    19th Jan 2017

    I’ve interviewed thousands of injured clients, some with minor injuries, and others with the worst injuries imaginable. Every interview is different.

  • Growing Young PI Lawyers

    22nd Apr 2016

    To this day, it is still my very strong view that this form of entry into the profession (via an extended period of practical on the job training) is by far the best for the student. Such an option offers the best of both worlds: practical experience in personal injury practices, and expert academic tuition at one of our law faculties.