• Tough new laws against image-based abuse

    10th Mar 2022

    Online abuse, including so-called ‘revenge porn’, is mostly conducted against women – and it’s on the rise. Anneka Frayne discusses the new penalties for perpetrators, as well as bullies, trolls and social media giants who publish defamatory material. 

  • Should Australians have the ‘right to be forgotten’ online?

    17th Jun 2021

    Following the CJEU decision that EU citizens have the right to request that data in regard to them may be deleted from search engines within the EU, the German constitutional court held that a plaintiff who had served time for murder is entitled to the right to be forgotten. Michael McHugh discusses the legal complexities of this right and its potential impact on privacy and free speech.

  • Internet trolls face huge penalties under proposed new laws

    20th May 2021

    Hefty fines and takedown laws proposed in the Online Safety Bill aim to address online abuse. Anneka Frayne takes a look into the proposed power to block websites sharing terrorist or extremist activities, and definition of ‘cyber abuse’ to include intention to cause serious harm.

  • Online Safety Bill gives broad new powers without due process

    24th Feb 2021

    Lawyers are warning that the Online Safety Bill introduced into Parliament today gives new and broad discretionary powers to the e-Safety Commissioner and the Minister without establishing appropriate processes to determine what material is in the public interest or to adequately appeal decisions.

  • Online alternative dispute resolution

    3rd May 2018

    Michael Legg gives an introduction to Online Alternative Dispute Resolution (OADR), and discusses OADR's potential to extend access to justice and change the way in which disputes are resolved.