ALA hosts Chinese judges to educate about Australian judicial process

27th Nov 2012

The Australian Lawyers Alliance met with 20 judges from in and around the Fujian Province in Sydney, today, as part of an educational exchange to examine court case management in Australia.

The event was organised by The Higher People's Court of Fujian Province which made contact with ALA Public Affairs Manager, Mandy Wyer, after viewing the high volume of media publicity being generated by the national, non-profit organization on the internet.

Among the topics covered by the ALA was the work of the Australian Lawyers Alliance in actively promoting justice, freedom and the rights of the individual as well as Australian case management, Australian law reform and lessening costs of lawsuits through conciliation and mediation.

The ALA delegation was made up of National President, Anthony Kerin; ALA NSW spokesmen, Dr Andrew Morrison SC, lawyer Anthony Scarcella and also barrister Richard Royle, who kindly supplied his Owen Dixon Chambers boardroom in central Sydney for the two hour meeting, which was interpreted skilfully by Australian-based interpreter, Boris Shao.

The group included: The Higher People's Court of Fujian Province, Vice-President, Lin Weili; The Intermediate People's Court of Quanzhou City, Vice-President, Chen Huiying; The Intermediate People's Court of Putian City, Vice-President, Fang Weiwen; The Intermediate People's Court of Ningde City President, Luo Xiong; The Higher People's Court of Fujian Province Justices, Lin Aiqin and Li Weimin; The People’s Court of Jin’an District, Fuzhou City President, Huang Qinmin; The Intermediate People's Court of Fuzhou City Justice, Yang Chunshan; The Intermediate People's Court of Xiamen City Justices, Qiu Yifan and Chen Mufeng; The Maritime Court of Xiamen City Justice, Li Hong; The People’s Court of Pinghe County President, Wu Jinqi; The Intermediate People's Court of Zhangzhou City Justice, Lin Li; The People’s Court of Yongchun County President, Chen Shuishen; The People’s Court of Qingliu County President, Wang Wenguang; The People’s Court of Guangze County President, Xiao Jiansheng; The Intermediate people's court of Nanping City Justice, Wu Jingying; The People’s Court of Wuping County President, Zhang Lidan; The People’s Court of Liancheng County President, Zhang Yiwen; The People’s Court of Zherong County President, Wu Shiping.

The Australian Lawyers Alliance General Manager, Richard Trim, and ALA Mandarin-speaking Art Studio Z & Z contractor, Tian Zu, were also on hand to assist with informal translating for the very large group, who also plan to visit Australian courts to watch sessions in action.

At the end of the educational seminar, gifts by both groups were exchanged with a promise from the The Higher People's Court of Fujian Province, Vice-President, Lin Weili to host a similar event for The Australian Lawyers Alliance in Fujian Province in China in the near future and a commitment to continue educational exchange via email correspondence.

ALA National President, Anthony Kerin, said such professional exchanges were essential as Australia became more closely linked to the economies in South-East Asia and in the interest of continuing professional education, globally.

“Such education is a significant component of the work of the ALA, which hosts eight cross-jurisdictional conferences a year, along with regular seminars, both within Australia and occasionally in neighbouring countries such as New Zealand,” Mr Kerin said.

Tags: Human rights Access to justice