ALA welcomes NDIS Bill

29th Nov 2012

The Australian Lawyers Alliance welcomes the National Disability Insurance Scheme Bill, introduced today.

“The introduction of the NDIS legislation to implement the National Disability Insurance Scheme is a welcome step in guaranteeing better access for individuals to the rights stipulated within the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities,” said Anthony Kerin, National President of the Australian Lawyers Alliance.

“The Australian Lawyers Alliance will be analysing the Bill to see if it adequately addresses a number of concerns that have been raised over past months, particularly regarding rights to review, the right to representation and advocacy and other procedural aspects that may need to be present,” said Mr Kerin.

“Any referral of this legislation to a Committee must provide adequate time periods for reporting, and must provide a careful, rational and well-developed vision for the Scheme’s operation that best supports the empowerment and social inclusion of people with disability as well as sustaining the longevity of the Scheme.”

The NDIS ‘rules’, which will form a crucial part of eligibility and access to the Scheme, have not yet been released.

“There is also a great need for community education on the NDIS and its practical impact,” said Mr Kerin.

“As yet, it is still unknown as to who is in, and who is out, of the Scheme. The steps from here must be careful and constructive. This is too crucial an issue for it to be completed half-baked. This deserves to be done right.

“The ALA looks forward to contributing to the next step of the process which is reviewing the legislation. We congratulate the government on all the work that has been done so far.”

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