Proposed anti-bikie laws infringe on basic rights

26th Apr 2018

Tasmanian Police have today released a consultation paper flagging so-called anti-bikie laws, the Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA) said today.

ALA Tasmania President and barrister Fabriano Cangelosi said the proposals include a ban on the wearing of colours and criminalising associations between individuals.

“It is very concerning that people are to lose fundamental liberties such as being able to associate with anyone you would like, and being a member of an organisation that wears a particular uniforms,” Mr Cangelosi said.

“There isn’t any evidence that Tasmanian motorcycle clubs use their organisation or hierarchy to facilitate the commission of crime. Crime exists in all social groups, in all professions and in all organisations of any size.”

“The ALA is aware of the way in which so-called anti-bikie laws have been abused in other jurisdictions in Australia, including in Queensland where, in one notorious case, a small group of bikies were arrested simply for purchasing ice cream,” Mr Cangelosi said.

“Tasmanians should be very concerned about yet another grab for yet more powers by Tasmanian police.”

Tags: Access to justice