QLD lawyers welcome Walter Sofronoff QC as new President of the Court

31st Mar 2017

The Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA) has today welcomed the appointment of Walter Sofronoff QC as Queensland’s new President of the Court of Appeal.

ALA national representative Rod Hodgson said Mr Sofronoff’s significant experience, including as a former Solicitor-General and in heading numerous reviews on behalf of the State Government, meant that he was an excellent choice for the role of President of the Court of Appeal.

“The ALA welcomes Mr Sofronoff’s appointment to this very important role,” Mr Hodgson said.

“Mr Sofronoff has repeatedly demonstrated he is a man of great integrity, who has never shied away from standing up for the independence of our judicial system.

“He is highly regarded within the legal profession, and greatly respected for the experience and skill he has brought to the many roles he has undertaken, including as a former Solicitor-General.

“We welcome this appointment today, and look forward to working with Mr Sofronoff in the important role of President of the Court of Appeal,” he said.

Tags: Queensland Access to justice