Queensland class action regime welcome

5th Aug 2016

The Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA) has today welcomed the State Government’s announcement that it will introduce a class actions regime, with the measure an important step in improving access to justice and legal rights in Queensland.

ALA Queensland President Michelle James said the introduction of a class action regime would also bring Queensland into line with other states, including Victoria and New South Wales.

“Today’s announcement is an important step in ensuring greater access to legal rights for Queenslanders,” Ms James said.

“The class actions regime plays a key role in providing access to justice, by allowing people who have suffered from mass wrongdoing or misconduct to come together and take collective legal action – the sort of action that would be impossible for many individuals on their own against large organisations.

“The introduction of a Queensland regime means that in future such actions will be able to be run locally, which will be of significant benefit to the people affected.

“The ALA welcomes today’s announcement from the State Government that a Queensland class actions regime will be acted on as a priority.  Legislation to permit class actions was introduced by the former government after long consultation with key stakeholders.  It makes sense for access to justice, and economically; so we expect bipartisanship on the passage of the legislation,” she said.

Tags: Queensland Access to justice