Support for Myanmar legal community

8th Feb 2021

Lawyers and legal organisations across Myanmar that are fighting for freedom, open justice and the rule of law need the support of the international legal community, says the Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA).

“We support and stand by the members of the Myanmar legal community who have been working so hard to build trust in the legal system, and who are now joining protests denouncing the military coup,” said Mr Graham Droppert SC, National President, ALA.

“Lawyers in Myanmar are joining the nationwide peaceful protests against the unlawful actions of the military and we support them in their advocacy.

“Much of what the legal community in Myanmar has achieved in the last 10 years in transitioning to democracy has been torn down by this latest military action, and now many lawyers may face real personal danger.

“We stand with the people of Myanmar but particularly express our support for the lawyers and legal organisations that are working so hard to create a just and peaceful society that respects the rule of law.

“It is difficult for us to appreciate how hard it must be to fight for justice and human rights in an environment that is so unstable and unsafe.”

Tags: Human rights Rule of law