TAC's new client app: MyTAC

22nd Jun 2017

The Victorian Transport Accident Commission has produced an app specifically designed for people injured in transport accidents.

After 3 July 2017, anyone injured in a transport accident who has lodged a claim will be able to download the app called ‘MyTAC’ from the App Store.

This innovation will allow injured people to be informed of the benefits and services available to them; it has long been a major flaw of the TAC system, that the injured are not told what help is available. This is a great step forward.

The app will also allow claimants to send messages to the TAC and hopefully have their queries answered expeditiously. Likewise, the TAC can now send messages to their clients through this available line of communication.

 significant and extremely useful feature of the ‘MyTAC’ app is that injured people will have the ability to lodge documents by submitting a photo of a certificate, or filling in a form on the app. 

Things have come a long way from the time when TAC wouldn’t accept a faxed form!
Under this new system, all-important incapacity certificates should never again be lost and payments should not be interrupted. Combined with the new ‘Red Lantern’ payment system for service providers, posting in documents to the Victorian Transport Accident Commission will soon become a thing of the past.

A version of this article was published by Adviceline Injury Lawyers on 6 June 2017.

Michael Lombard is the Partner in charge of the traffic accident division at Adviceline Injury Lawyers. He is a Law Institute of Victoria Accredited Personal Injury Specialist and qualified mediator. Michael is the author of numerous books, articles and papers relating to Victorian motor and traffic law for the general public, health professionals and lawyers.


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