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Human rights

Human rights are inalienable and universal. We advocate for equality before the law for everyone.

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander justice

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Pre-election advocacy

Ahead of Federal elections and certain State elections, the ALA poses questions to the major and key minor parties on areas of particular interest to the ALA's membership.

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Changes to compensation schemes can sometimes threaten to undermine individuals’ access to adequate compensation and control over their own lives.

CTP submissions

A list of CTP-related submissions prepared by the ALA since 2011.

Delays in Centrelink clearances

In May 2019, a number of ALA members reported increasing instances of excessive Centrelink delays in providing refund clearances, therefore causing delays in finalising payments to clients who may be experiencing significant financial hardship.


Despite the prevalence of e-scooters throughout Australia, legislative frameworks and insurance policies are yet to keep up with the protections that are needed to ensure that anyone injured by an e-scooter or while riding an e-scooter can receive fair compensation.

Facing the Facts: The urgent need for further regulation of cosmetic procedures advertising

On 16 November 2021, the Australian Lawyers Alliance published 'Facing the Facts: The Urgent Need for Further Regulation of Cosmetic Procedures Advertising'.

Fair compensation: It's your right

Accidents can throw us off course.

Montara: After the spill

Learn about the ALA's work in response to the Montara oil spill of 2009.

Protect your rights

Your right to fair compensation if you are injured in a motor accident is under serious threat from a radical change to the law being proposed by the WA Government.

Untold Damage

An ALA report on workplace health and safety in immigration detention under the Work, Health and Safety Act 2011 (Cth).