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Human rights

Human rights are inalienable and universal. We advocate for equality before the law for everyone.

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In advance of the Federal double dissolution election in July 2016, the Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA) surveyed major parties on priority issues for our members. We outlined our main priorities, our policy on those priorities and asked key questions to gauge parties' positions on those priorities. We received comprehensive responses to most of our letters.


Members of the Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA) regularly represent those who have suffered injury on the roads.

Changes to compensation schemes can sometimes threaten to undermine individuals’ access to adequate compensation and control over their own lives.

Montara: After the spill

Learn about the ALA's work in response to the Montara oil spill of 2009.

Untold Damage

The federal regulator of Commonwealth workplaces, Comcare, has been the watchdog of immigration detention facilities in Australia and regional processing centres (‘RPCs’) in Nauru and Manus Island for many years.