Decriminalising Personal Drug Use Bill 2023 (Tas)

9th May 2023



The ALA made a submission to Dr Rosalie Woodruff MP in respect of the Tasmanian Greens' public consultation on the Decriminalising Personal Drug Use Bill 2023.

We strongly support this bill, which stipulates that certain offences, such as possessing a controlled drug, would not apply if a person has a quantity of the drug below the personal possession limit for that drug. The ALA acknowledges and supports the bill’s retention of other drug offences – including for the sale, supply, or trafficking of drugs.

We note that significant public expenditure on law enforcement has not provided sufficient return to warrant its continuation. Therefore, we encourage the Tasmanian Government to consider laws that free up police resources and redirect policy to focus on drug traffickers and manufacture. We emphasise that public investment in harm minimisation and health responses will result in significant savings for the criminal justice system and improved public health.

ALA submission

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