Human Rights Commission Amendment (Costs Protection) Bill 2023

11th Jan 2024



The ALA has made a submission to Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee (Committee) regarding the Human Rights Commission Amendment (Costs Protection) Bill 2023 (Bill). Should this Bill pass Federal Parliament, individuals who are successful in bringing claims of discrimination and sexual harassment can recoup their legal costs, while also being protected from having to pay legal costs if they are unsuccessful (except in limited circumstances).

We have consistently advocated for an equal access cost model since the 2020 Respect@Work report, and the ALA considers that this Bill’s proposed modified equal access cost model is a significant step forward for victim survivors of discrimination, including sexual harassment, at work.

Our submission addresses the importance of an equal access cost model; why this model should apply to all federal discrimination matters; and what amendments to this Bill and broader reforms should be considered by the Committee.

The ALA has also expressed support for this Bill as part of the Power To Prevent Coalition’s submission to the Committee.

Tags: Human rightssexual harassment