Inquiry into Australia's Human Rights Framework

12th Jul 2023



The ALA has made a submission to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights’ inquiry into Australia's Human Rights Framework.

As a long-time proponent of a federal Human Rights Act (HRA), the ALA focuses on the following in our submission:

  • the need to enact a federal HRA;
  • the essential elements of a federal HRA, including the rights to be protected therein especially for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, whistleblowers, and children in criminal processes;
  • an assessment of existing mechanisms to protect human rights in the federal context; and
  • analysis on the effectiveness of existing human rights Acts/Charters in state and territory jurisdictions – namely, those in the ACT, Victoria and Queensland.

The Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights is expected to complete its inquiry and hand down a final report by 31 March 2024.

Read the ALA's submission here.

Tags: Human rights